Escort service business in Lucknow

Escort service business in Lucknow

The escort service in Lucknow in the capital has reached in crores. The question in front of the people is that in spite of hard work and all the efforts, when common people fail to meet their needs, then how is it possible to make such rapid progress in this business. When we investigated this business in depth, the reason also turned out to be very shocking. Now the crowd of customers in the escort service in Lucknow is not only for fun. The girl hired from this market opens the way for promotion in the office, gives election tickets and not only this, in the blink of an eye, the biggest tender can be in your pocket. This is the reason that now the tinkering of coins and the brightness of notes is more than ever in the escort service in Lucknow and experts tell that its turnover has reached in crores.

Educated girls are getting into business

Due to the rain of notes in this black business, a large number of girls are getting attracted towards this business. There was a time when girls caught from red light area used to tell their compulsions. But now most of the girls who are caught are not compulsive, but the reason for their getting into this business is the glamor of five star hotels, the ringing of coins and the growing ambition. Surprisingly, the recently apprehended girls turned out to be well educated. This business, once confined to redlight areas and street neighborhoods, has now reached big rooms, farm houses and big hotels.

Business trends changed with time

There was a time when its market was decorated in the red light area itself. But, with time, this business also spread its feet and for this massage center or beauty parlor was used. But, the revelations in several police raids brought the business into disrepute. The fear of the police coming under the radar easily forced the sex businessmen to change their trend. There is no slander in today’s high profile escorts service in Lucknow , because the desired girl is available to the customer at the desired place and no one even gets the news. Now the identity of the brokers in the business of sex has also changed. They have become high profile and are called sex traders. They sit in well furnished offices and their receptionists book call girls on the basis of e-mails and mobile calls. The place of delivery is informed to the customer on the email or mobile itself and then the delivery is made to the caller after taking the full amount in advance at the designated place.

operate like a corporate

Just as the merchant keeps in mind the quality of the girls, the choice and standard of the customers in his business, similarly these businessmen of sex are also very conscious about their business. This is the reason that like all other businesses, it has got a corporate touch. Now they do not get brokerage from the call girl or the customer, but they do the deal themselves. Call girls are kept here on contract or salary. The special thing in this is that no matter how much the contractor earns in the contract for the duration, it does not make any sense to that girl. Just as the working hours and holidays are fixed for the employees in a corporate company, similarly the work and rest days are also fixed for the call girls working on contract or salary.

Business is done indiscriminately through websites

Fearing getting caught and caught by the police, sex businessmen have made websites of their escorts services. At present, dozens of websites providing call girls in the name of escorts service are available on the internet. Lucknow’s most infamous or say the most talked about escort service operator Sagarika’s website, then you will get complete knowledge of the change in this business at once. The ‘Services’ provided in the website have been classified. Each service has a different rate according to the mood and need of the customers. But, to fix the rate, you have to call and talk on the number given on the website. The website contains photographs of sex workers, seeing which the customer can choose the girl of his choice. If someone wants to go out of station and he wants to take a call girl with him, then his arrangement is also possible through this website. But, for this a hefty amount will have to be paid separately. The special thing is that cash is not required for payment, but online payment can also be done through plastic money i.e. credit card or debit card. Once the payment is deposited, this website is ready round the clock to meet the demand of the customer.

Foreign callgirls also make available

Recently, a caller who reached Gomtinagar police station helped in opening some layers of this business. A caller who came from Delhi to a five star hotel in Lucknow to give service had told that she was called by the famous sex racket operator Komal Khatri on payment of Rs. But after the work was done, he got only ten thousand rupees. In a very impeccable manner, the call girl, while talking to the policemen, demanded the payment of her dues. However, seeing his confidence, top police officers were also seen peeping side by side. He told that

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