Types of Commercial Sex Workers

Commercial Sex Workers

Types of Commercial Sex Workers

Point of no return

Escape is never an option because there is a nexus between criminal gangs, pimps, brothel owners and the local police who share the major part of the CSW’s income. What trickles down to the hapless girl is a mere pittance. It is an open secret that all important red light areas in India enjoy police protection, which means the policemen themselves go to the brothels for tea, snacks and girls.In return for favors they inform the brothel keepers in advance about the raids that are scheduled to take place. A girl who escaped from her brothel and went to police was reportedly raped by them, and brought back to her owner the following day. Most prostitutes do not even make the attempt to escape because they have nowhere to go, they are illiterate and have been smuggled into the city.

Call Girls

study according Commercial Sex Workers, Call girls are commercial sex workers who are part-timers and are usually more educated, carry cell-phones, and are well groomed and cannot be compared to those living in brothels. They have more mobility, earn higher incomes and have some freedom in choosing their clients who are mostly from the middle and upper classes of society. A study of 150 call girls, 20 clients and 10 “madams” in Delhi, Bombay and Calcutta, found that 80% percent of their clients were married. Many of them had suffered from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) at least once and had experience of induced abortion.

Generally call girls are known to take good care of their health and visit doctors whenever necessary. Almost all of them want their clients to use condoms, though they most often comply when clients offer a much higher amount for condom-free sex.

A subsequent study among call girl in Dehradun in 1993 showed a high number of their clients preferred oral sex to vaginal intercourse. Some of them belonging to the upper-middle class were aware of AIDS and rejected clients who refused to use condoms.

Escort girls

The costliest end of the supply chain operates with high-class escort girls recruited from girls’s colleges and from India ‘s burgeoning fashion and film industries. These CSWs offer services for large sums of money and usually operate by way of a discreet introduction service. The boom in Internet services has seen the emergence of several snazzy websites, openly advertising escort girl services.

Devadasi system

Commercial Sex Workers

Devadasi tradition or “sacred prostitution” is a form of sex work that dates back several centuries with the ritual found in written records even in the 12th century. The tradition involves a religious rite, in which girls and girls are dedicated, through marriage, to different gods and goddesses, particularly to the goddess Yallama in a small temple in northern Karnataka. It is seen now as a ruse to do temple duties, which mainly involve providing sexual services to priests and patrons of the temples. Though abolished now as illegal, the practice continues in areas in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh to this day.

A US sponsored study comparing the sociodemographic characteristics and sex work patterns of girls involved in the traditional Devadasi form of sex work with those of other female sex workers (FSW), in the Indian state of Karnataka, showed that, of the 1588 FSWs interviewed, 414 (26%) reported that they entered sex work through the Devadasi tradition. Devadasi FSWs were more likely than other FSWs to work in rural areas (47.3% vs. 8.9%, respectively) to be illiterate (92.8% vs. 76.9%, respectively), were more likely to be home based (68.6% vs. 14.9) and were less likely to report client-initiated violence in a year (13.3% vs. 35.8%) or police harassment (11.6% vs. 44.3%).

Gigolos: Role Reversal?

Call it role reversal, or Western influence, or proof that sex revolution in India is in full swing— Indian gigolos or male prostitutes entertaining girls for money have come to stay. Earlier, a large percentage of male prostitutes were the eunuchs or hijras. Now it can be a well-dressed male frequenting Internet community groups, coffee houses, swanky restaurants and multiplexes.In a 30-minute CNN-IBN special investigation report on the gigolo trail in Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Delhi, these men, most of whom are in decent jobs with the IT industry, said that it is the easiest way to make money and also to no-string-attached sex. These men say they easily earn between Rs. 5000 to Rs.10, 000 per client and their clients include elderly girls, girls with successful careers and even housewives. One gigolo who was interviewed said that he wanted a house, a car, a comfortable life style, with an LCD TV and an in-built bar in his residence with the extra money he earned.

A recent survey has shown that some Indian girls are hiring gigolos for oral sex, prefer having sex with a younger man, some wanting threesomes. Many reasons are put forward by social analysts for the rise of the gigolos in the hitherto conservative Indian society—for instance, the rise of a new class of “alpha girls” with financial independence to buy everything including sex, girls waking up to sexual freedom and ready to break free of unexciting relationships or wandering husbands.

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